Body Armor Vs. Gunvault Vest

14 Feb

Body armor, sometimes called body armor, personal defense equipment, or a coat/suit of armor - ar500 build up coat, is specially designed to absorb or defend against bodily attacks. This specialized equipment can be worn underneath ordinary clothing or on the outside. It has come a long way in improving quality and durability over the centuries. Today's body armor is capable of resisting high impact trauma and penetrating most solid objects. Today's manufacturers improve body armor quality and manufacturing techniques with the same goal as their ancient predecessors - to provide adequate protection and safety for the population at large.

Modern day body armor is made of high quality leather that is usually fabricated by a tanning facility. Good quality leather plates are reinforced with Kevlar, an extremely sturdy and popular material that has many positive qualities when it comes to wear and tear. However, because this type of material is still relatively new to the market, the technology and testing necessary to ensure its strength are relatively limited and expensive. As such, there is a limited selection of plate armor products available for purchase.

High end hard armor plates are designed for the most demanding environments. They provide true ballistic protection - penetrating the most powerful firearms and sharp objects. They do not reduce the effectiveness of the wearer's weapons or ammunition. In fact, if properly used, a bullet proof vest can effectively kill or injure a person even during a handgun battle.

Another type of protective body armor is a full body vest that can also stop bullets. Commonly referred to as body armor vest, it offers excellent protection from most firearms and sharp objects. These vests are often used by security personnel and other law enforcement professionals. For this reason, they are often the first line of defense in providing protection from violence or crime.

Bullet resistant vests from Legionary worn by security personnel offer the ultimate protection. Often used in conjunction with a bullet proof vest, bullet proof vests together with their accompanying comfortable padding provide ultimate protection. It is important to note though that just like body armor itself, the comfort offered by these vests is relative. A good bullet proof vest will give you extreme comfort while wearing it, while a comfortable bullet resistant vest won't make a lot of a difference.

The difference between the two types of vests is often determined by the area of the wearer is trying to protect. If you were to protect yourself, or your family with body armor, you would want a much more effective material than you would for the vests intended only to protect you against knives. Likewise, if you are a law enforcement officer protecting the public, bullet proof vests are going to be more effective than vests designed only to defend against handguns. When in doubt, always wear both!

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